Direct Internet Access (DIA) is more efficient and can guarantee higher download and upload speeds, when compared to Broadband ADSL or COAX Cable services.

Bear Telecom Solutions will offer fixed price Ethernet connectivity at industry leading prices, with options to add in commodity based circuits.  The Ethernet service is provided over tier 1 to tier 3 carrier networks, with the highest levels of SLA's, or service level agreements. 

Bear Telecom Solutions can provide direct internet access (DIA) at bandwidths from 2Mb up to Gigabit across carrier networks, using Ethernet where available. All DIA services are provisioned over larger ports over bandwidth increments, which allows customers to rescale their connections if so desired. 

Direct Internet Access (DIA) is supplied with a higher availability level and a more stringent Service Level Agreement (SLA), which can make it a more suitable choice for business critical internet access applications. The upload and download speed of a DIA solution is identical, making this an ideal solution for applications requiring symmetrical un-contended bandwidth, with a higher service level agreement.