Bear Telecom Solutions is a  carrier neutral telecommunications consulting firm. We help guide our clients through the daunting process of understanding and selecting communication services that will meet their business's unique needs at the lowest possible costs.  

  • Working with us will not cost you a penny!  Our compensation comes directly from the carrier, and only if you are satisfied with our advice and wish to implement our proposed solutions.

  • We have relationships with over 60 telecommunications carriers, which we believe represent the best telecom products and services.

  • Bear Telecom will research every carrier's portfolios and understand their niches so we can provide our clients with the best possible solutions at the best possible prices.

  • It's not uncommon for Bear Telecom to reduce our clients' monthly telecom costs by as much as 20-50%.


If our current solution is in a contract, can you still meet with me and provide a recommendation? 


Yes! We will analyze your current services and if it makes sense for you to switch to another carrier, we will carefully plan a transfer strategy. Even if  it is advisable for you to stay with your current carrier, we can review your current system and try to renegotiate more favorable pricing

Why doesn't my current local Account Executive offer this service? 


It is very likely that your current rep is an employee of the carrier whose products he or she is trying to sell. They are obliged to sell their employers products even if another carrier's solution is more appropriate. We are independent consultants, free to advise solutions based on your needs, not ours


If you conduct an audit of my telecom services, am I obligated in any way?


Absolutely not! Bear Telecom exists because we improve our clients' business needs. We are experts who give honest appraisals and advice, but we are not a high pressure sales firm.