A few things we'd like you to know about Bear Telecom...

  • We receive compensation directly from the carrier only if we find a solution that you decide meets your unique requirements. 

  • Working with Bear Telecom is like shopping in a specialty store which sells multiple quality brands. Our expertise will help to guide you to the best possible solution.

  • We work efficiently behind the scenes and take very little of our clients' time and attention.

Why did we start this company?

 As an industry insider, we have long understood and observed the inherent value and real benefits that carrier neutral telecom advisors offered their clients.  After many years of working for both local and international telecommunications carriers, we became frustrated by the limited options and creativity we could provide customers while employed by a single carrier. We are privileged to now be in a position where we are able to give honest advice and offer creative and tailored solutions to our clients, without restrictions and limitations. 

Why a Bear?

Bear Telecom Solutions is named after our founder's youngest son, Bear. He is a resilient, tough, and tenacious little boy who has had  to overcome some early adversities in life. He is a living example that under the right conditions, impossible dreams can become realities - and he has the best smile we've ever seen! His spirit inspires us to strive for excellence and embrace difficult challenges with the confidence that no problem is unsolvable!